Leighanne H. Profile Thumb

Leighanne H.

11 days ago

Convenient location, nice apartments, very friendly and helpful maintenance staff! Some neighbors can be rowdy which is the downside, especially because the walls are a little thin here.

Keylon M. Profile Thumb

Keylon M.

12 days ago

Very fun and safe environment with great amenities specially the view of the pool from the fitness center. Definitely, love the free food and the regular pool parties/events for the summer heat 💁🏽‍♂️

Madison S. Profile Thumb

Madison S.

12 days ago

The staff is very sweet and the apartments are really nice. I’m not a fan of working coming into my apartment everyday I feel like I have no privacy but i understand why they have to. Overall really great place

emil*@*.com Profile Thumb


14 days ago

The staff is amazing and always ready to help! I've come in the office with so many questions and every time they answered them as best they could or told me they would email me the answer!

Naomie S. Profile Thumb

Naomie S.

18 days ago

I’m happy here. Maintenance is wonderful and responsive to problems, my space is nice and open with lots of sunlight, and management is great at communicating with residents. I just wish the pool wasn’t padlocked so often, it should be open a lot more especially in this summer heat.

Alexa F. Profile Thumb

Alexa F.

21 days ago

Overall not a bad place to live. Very close to USF campus which is convenient and is very clean. The only thing I am not a fan of is the older flooring, it gets dirty very easy

Brian Hoffman H. Profile Thumb

Brian Hoffman H.

1 month ago

I enjoy the quiet atmosphere and the student environment. It can get a little loud on weekends with all the young college students. The smell of weed is often very strong no matter what floor or apt you are in. I do hope the management is respectful in my wishes for clean and quiet roommates.

Maya H. Profile Thumb

Maya H.

1 month ago

Since I moved in a year ago I can say overall there was improval of the property and staff. Everyone is pretty nice and helpful. The only frustrating thing is the frequency of room inspections. I have a dog and it wrecks his nerves every time and if I can’t be home it’s really a pain.